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SIMASV® was founded in 1957 by Pietro Vaccari, a mechanics fan. The company took the name of S.I.M.A.S.V., which stands for the Italian "Specializzata Industria Macchine Applicazioni SottoVuoto", or Specialized Industry for Machinery for Vacuum Applications. Originally, its products concerned oil burners, dryers for leather and fabrication tools.

Invention of the horizontal hydraulic press

Subsequently, the company increasingly oriented itself towards the mechanical machining sector, and in 1962 it patented the horizontal hydraulic press for bending and cold working of various metals.

The horizontal press proved to be a veritable revolution in the field of cold bending. With its extreme ease of tooling, it gave impetus to a number of applications that allowed machines to be referred to as universal due to their great versatility.

Following this, SIMASV® expanded its range of production of horizontal presses by equipping them with CNC and developing at the same time new machineries such as 3-roller hydraulic bending machines, as well as notching machines and the sophisticated punching machines for CNC sheets. The range produced is offered as an indispensable aid in different areas, from mechanics, construction, electrical, naval, refrigeration, systems, fittings, domestic, industrial and urban furnishing and many others.


...because our company is only a small part of the large chain of the global market, of the large wheel that is the world ... but the work performed by each of us is critical to the functioning of the entire system." - Pietro Vaccari (the Founder)