SIMASV® punching machines are worthy of a special mention because of some of the features that make them different and unique.

Introduced into production in the mid-90s, SIMASV® punching machines deserve a special mention; this is not only because they are positioned at the highest level among the machines offered by the company as a category, but also because some of their specific characteristics make them different and unique in comparison with existing punching machines in their class. We might say that SIMASV® punching machines "use their head" to beat their market competitors. Actually, they are the only machines equipped with the innovative "front opening head", designed to reduce the loading times of machining tools to zero. Thanks to this patented technological innovation, SIMASV® permanently solved the problem of the weakened tool-holding cartridge, which remains unresolved in many of the competitor punching machine models.


Punch-holder head frontal opening for tool change in only 4 seconds. Unique and exclusive application on Simasv punching machines.


Amada type cartridge, D station for punching up to a max. diameter of 88.9 mm and up to a max. diameter of 16 mm on the 6-tool Multitool version.


Axes run on double linear slides and double extremely high precision ball screws to guarantee constant precision even during the processing of large dimension sheet metal.


Double hydraulic sheet metal locking clamps (even on the manual model, the only model on the market featuring double clamps), controlled from the CNC and/or electrical pedal with double anti-collision clamp safety system in the punch operating area.


Numerical control mounted on the trailer-mounted pulpit which can be positioned outside the sheet metal movement area, thus conforming fully to the UE standards regarding safety and prevention of accidents at work.


Sheet metal repositioning on X axis (excluding Y axis movement) up to 10000 mm in the Single and Multi models and on interpolated axes X-Y with X=3000x750 mm for 750 CNC Single and Multi models and with X=3000x1000 mm for the 7000 CNC Single and Multi models.