The horizontal bending presses, which SIMASV® invented in 1957, are particularly characterized by their flexibility and versatility.
It is precisely due to their ease of use and maintenance and the numerous equipment available that Simasv presses can be used in any company, both mechanical and non. Even in medium-sized industries, they have proved to be a very good alternative to very expensive and inflexible machinery, dramatically reducing production costs. Our long experience in the field allows us to offer continuously updated and competitive machines.


Workbench free from casing and therefore completely at the operator's disposal for equipment assembly and the movement of the pieces to be processed.

Rapid blockage conical pins for the complete elimination of mechanical slack to guarantee optimum tool rigidity during processing.

Continual control of operating stroke via hydraulic valve guaranteeing optimum precision in the search for and maintenance of the bend radius during repetition.

As well as offering a larger work surface, the positioning of the hydraulic cylinder under the workbench allows a greater reduction of the total flexion produced by the mechanical stress transmitted to the bench during machine operation, ensuring greater precision during processing.

The operator is positioned in front of the machine, providing greater vision and control of the bending point as well as greater safety, as the operator is positioned outside the range of action of the piece during the bending phase.


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