Choose the best for your business. Discover SIMASV® hydraulic notcher: AV226/PA-CNC with the variable angle 30°>140° with cutting capability of 6 mm of thickness with blades managed by CNC integrated to the machine with punching head with independent control When the extreme quality goes hand in hand with high performance ... 100 % MADE IN ITALY Designed and made entirely in Italy in the premises of S.I.M.A.S.V. in Thiene with very high quality components. EXCLUSIVE POLYVALENCE Conceivedfor lasting a long-time and suitable for multiple workings. AVANGUARD TECHNOLOGY Incomparable cutting accuracy of 0,1° through CNC integrated to the machine with consequent time-savingin working processes. A RELIABLE PARTNER Convenience and ease of use are the features that make this machine indispensable in every production unit. INVESTING IN EXCELLENCE Contact with nohesitation theSales Dept. of S.I.M.A.S.V. (mail to: for a no-obligation quote.

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