T22 ARIES "bend-to-punch": SIMASV® workshop all-in-one

With 22 tons of power on the horizontal and vertical cylinders, here is the new exceptional SIMASV ® PRESS BRAKE T22 Aries, bending press, notching, straightening and PUNCHING machine at the same time: it is goig to be displayed to the public in a world premiere in October 2011, on the occasion of the fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil CORTE & CONFORMACAO DE METAIS. The T22 Aries qualifies as the top of the range among all the Multi machines by SIMASV® in terms of performance: controlled by electric foot pedal and safety push-buttons (for accidents prevention), it combines in a unique structure the bending and punching functions without obliging the operator to change the equipment! In detail, the salient features of the T22 Aries engineering can be identified - in the cylinder placed horizontally under the workbench for bending operations with the operator’s place on the front of the machine - in the cylinder placed vertically for rapid punching. The punching capability (with Whisper punches) comes up to Ø 60 mm (approximate datum with WHISPER punches and R = 45KG/mm2) depending on the thickness and the machine can handle pieces to be punched of 240 x 10 mm size. The machine is also equipped with: - millimeter rods for depth adjustment - goniometric square with rod for tipping stops. The advantages of this all-in-one workshop by SIMASV® are invaluable for the end user: - optimization of the structures capitalization - long-lasting but versatile investment - space saving in working environments - fast execution of complex machining - working time saving - friendly-use and easy to use Protected by a pending patent, the T22 Aries is born from an intuition of the President of the company in collaboration with the R & D of S.I.M.A.S.V.: this innovative SIMASV® press was actually named Aries, in honor of the energy and the perseverance of the founder of S.I.M.A.S.V.

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