SIMASV ® notching machine with variable angle mod. LC1025 can be counted among the machines niche in the field of hydraulic notching machines. Its excellence is not only limited to the performance of cutting in terms of angle - variable angle from 30° to 135° - but is mainly evident in its ability to notch sheet metal up to 10 mm ensuring perfect cuts on high thicknesses. We can therefore say that this is one of the rarest machines in the world able to achieve such performance without affecting the quality of the workmanship and without causing troubles to the operator while processing. SIMASV ® variable angle mod. LC1025 notching machine is characterized by § variable angle from 30 ° to 135 ° § max cutting capacity: 255 x 10 mm. (r45 kg/mm2), § max. cutting capacity: 255 x 6 mm. stainless steel (r65 kg/mm2) § robust structure suitable to bear considerable stress § cast iron workbench with conical slots for optimal adherence of the squares § guided downward stroke of mobile unit for perfect cuts (from the apex or the bottom) § mechanical adjustment of the gap between the blades § control electric panel positioned laterally - at eye height- for maximum safety against accidental shocks § lighting on cutting area § mechanical central holddown force equal to: kg. 750 The machine equipment includes: § electric foot-pedal § slide for chips § two side brackets (shelves for tools) § two goniometric squares with bars § set blades for iron 15° for cuts from 30° to 135° § set blades for iron 30° for cuts from 60° to 135° (pre-installed) § set side and central hold downs § pair mechanical hold downs for square § lifting hook § keys § instructions manual § “CE” certification In short, if you need an important machine for important works, the notching machine LC1025 is the only answer to your requirements. If you require this machine or need additional technical information, you are welcome to contact directly our Sales Department (mail to:

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