T22 DIGIT: … a complementary range.

Meeting the increasing demand from the customers, S.I.M.A.S.V. decided to upgrade to the DIGIT range all the presses S.I.M.A.S.V. produces and, in particular, also the smallest model of the family: the horizontal hydraulic bending press T22. We are therefore pleased to announce the introduction of the 1-axis and 2-axis models T22 DIGIT COOL controlled by the very new CNC SIMplylogik, the result of the SIMASV ® research. The versions DIGIT 1 AXIS 2 AXIS, this latter with a built-in side positioner, feature the mechanical configuration as follows - solid work table made in special spheroid cast iron - forged steel carriage, suitably hardened, grounded and protected by dust scrapers - stainless steel and hardened tooling pins - cylinder placed under the work table, to facilitate the use of the machine and tooling, with frontal position for the operator - control through pedal power (24 V) and timed and safety push-buttons (for accidents prevention) and the hydraulic configuration as follows - one-piece hydraulic unit and servo positioning with adjustable pressure; - forced lubrication pump by hand (with the option of automatic electric pump). T22 DIGIT presses 1P and 2P allow to program and the micrometric regulation of the work stroke by electronic CN, even under maximum working power, so as to obtain the desired angle of bend without trials and tests and with a positioning accuracy equal to ± 0.1 mm! Thanks to this system, the machine is suitable for producing both prototypes and machines for large scale production. In addition, the adjustment of the stroke speed is through the electrically operated flow control valve and an automatic control NC. Finally let's not forget the innovative features of the control SIMplylogik by SIMASV®: - 35-key touch pad keyboard on the machine - led 16x2 characters - LCD screen and high resolution luminescence - full display of all job functions - "x" axis work stroke (punch) - "y" axis side stop positioner work stroke - 550 programs stored in the "x" and "y" axis - program with 15 different lines for each axis (repeatable 999 times) - programming in DEGREES besides MM of the bending angle with the possibility of setting coefficient adjustment elastic-return - 5 languages ​​selectable by program - measurement conversion millimetres / inches - positioning accuracy during bending phase: ± 0.1 mm - linear scale of measurement for "CN" high-resolution and unlimited use - programs selector: manual, semi-automatic, automatic SIMASV ®, scales of values... modulation of choices.

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