The company S.I.M.A.S.V. is pleased to introduce a new work and marketing tool related to the use of the horizontal hydraulic press brakes by SIMASV®: the catalog "Products realized working with SIMASV® horizontal bending presses”. The catalogue "Products realized working with SIMASV® horizontal bending presses” is a user-friendly handbook to see immediately the full potential of the SIMASV®, horizontal hydraulic presses which are not simply machines for bending, but full-equipped workshops able to perform any type of metal processing: from heavy steel structural work to the art décor, from the building industry to the furnishings, from the elements of industrial and electrical plant design to the components for the automotive industry, from the steel framing to the parts of the civil and urban design. Given the continuing progress and technological inventions, conceived by the R & D of S.I.M.A.S.V., and the new working requirements of the operators, this collection edited by SIMASV ® will be object of continuous updating and implementation.

simasv catalogo