SIMASV®, which has always been attentive to environmental issues and the use of the most advanced quality standards in the manufacture of its machine tools, is pleased to announce that its entire range of horizontal bending presses has been equipped with a GREEN TECHNOLOGY system. Energy savings and environmental protection, a combination that's necessary in order to keep pace with the times, as well as to allow the users of SIMASV® presses to efficiently exploit their resources while at the same time minimizing energy consumption. By shutting off the bending press during temporary disuse, and by offering the possibility of selecting the delay time, the GREEN TECHNOLOGY system offers three immediate advantages: Energy savings of up to 20% based on the machine's mode of operation; Efficient motor use, ensuring an extended service life; Less heat dissipated by the motor and optimised current consumption by the electrical system. For more information, please contact the S.I.M.A.S.V. Sales Office directly. (mail to:

simasv green technology