SIMASV integrates the new SIEMENS programming logic Today S.I.M.A.S.V. offers the metalworking market a new series of CNC punching and nibbling machines and is therefore pleased to introduce the new machine tool F1 S autoindex, equipped with SIEMENS technology. By this innovation the company wanted to intercept the need of a greater operational flexibility through a new programming logic. The use of the SIEMENS technology, a world leader also in the automation and in the driving field, provides a significant added value to a mechanically efficient and performing product. Through the motors, the electronics and programming logic by SIEMENS, S.I.M.A.S.V. is certain to offer, as well as a high quality product, a superior after-sales service, thanks to its worldwide capillary presence of a technical points providing efficiently and on time assistance and spare parts. CNC Punching and nibbling machine - F1 S autoindex: a concentration of high technology ! Heavy and sturdy C-structure made of special electro welded and stabilized steel, with dimensions calculated on CAD with FEA systems, suitably shaped to withstand loads greater than all off-sets and punching stresses. C-Axis (INDEX) with 360° - INDEX type punch and die holding system with 360° continuous rotation of all punches and dies by means of reduction gear units and oil-lubricated worm screws with the highest precision and zero backlash. This system guarantees an absolute mechanical rigidity of positioning with no movement or rotation whatever process is being performed (unlike inaccurate systems with spur gear or bevel gear pairs) and a perfect alignment of punch and die with all kind of materials and thickness. This ensures the long life of the cutting punches. Sophisticated and extra large monolithic punching head with Punches Fast Tool Change “frontal”(patented) to the machine guaranteeing the maximum optimization in their loading times up to 4 seconds only!. Special hydraulic unit properly designed in the components to run at low pressures so as to avoid dangerous oil over-heating. Integrated with a “Save Power” system, it allows high frequencies of punching and reduces of 50% the power of the electric motors and consequently the production and maintenance costs, if compared with other conventional machines. Strong hydraulic locking clamps (not springs) to lock heavy metal sheets, controlled either by electric foot pedal or by CNC. Double sensors safety system included to prevent from clamps impact. This system safeguards the machine during wrong operations. Technological SIEMENS Numeric Control located on a mobile control unit that can be moved outside the working area. For further technical details and commercial information the staff of SIMASV SRL remains always at your disposal (mailto:marketing@simasv.it). Watch the video now on the YouTube channel by SIMASV SRL.

simasv f1 s autoindex