If a good year can be foreseen since its beginning, the 2015 for S.I.M.A.S.V was born auspiciously, as the historic Italian manufacturer of machine tools for sheet metal working is today on the market with a new machine among the notchers: the AF400CN model, with a 90° fixed angle and the great cutting capability (400 mm length x 6 mm thickness), equipped with the NC PROGRAMMER SIMplylogik® controlling the program and the micrometer stroke adjustment: thanks to this system the machine achieves an extraordinary cutting precision equals to 0.1°. The new SIMASV® nothing machine AF400 CN distinguishes itself from the other notchers in the market because its blades reach the length of 400 mm and thus the same cutting length equals to 400 mm. Like the other SIMASV® notchers, also the AF400CN notching machine is a high quality, 100% rigorously made in Italy and durable machine thanks to its solid structure and to some engineering devices that distinguish including: - the cut and welded head, driven on five sections with 600 mm length, which grants absolute rigidity to the head itself and to the blades, improving hence to their duration - the automatic adjustment of the slack between the blades (patent), which acts independently on each blade - the conical slots on the worktable preventing the plays due to normal wear. A wide range of optional and personalized equipment completes the standard outfit of the machine, as well as the construction technique always takes care of operators’ safety. The hydraulic notching machine AF400CN works by means of the program and the micrometer stroke adjustment through the electronic NC SIMplylogik by SIMASV®, even under the highest working pressure, so as to obtain the exact cutting length without trials and tests. Thanks to this system, the machine is also suitable for production of prototypes and for mass production. The NC SIMplylogik is equipped with a 35-Keys touch pad keyboard on machine - led 16 x 2 characters and with a LCD screen for a full visualization of all working functions; with 550 storable programs, the selection among 5 languages, the conversion of metric system into inches, program selector, the accuracy and time optimization in working are granted. To book the new AF400CN notching machine or to get more details about it, do not hesistate to contact the Sales dept. of S.I.M.A.S.V.: . Website:

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