ABOUT SIMASV®: MftgTech Update online

Here is the integral text of the article devoted to SIMASV® machinery on the MTU online magazine: "Hydraulic notching machines, CNC hydraulic punching machines, bending presses from SIMASV®" S.I.M.A.S.V., an Italian company located in Thiene near Vicenza, in the industrial district of North-East of Italy, has been designing and manufacturing machines for working metal tubes, profiles and sheets since 1957. First manufacturer in the world of horizontal hydraulic bending presses, today it is widely represented in the world market with about twenty different models of presses divided between: the powerful machines from the SUPER series the horizontal presses with 1 or 2 axis with CNC control the multifunctional presses from the MULTI series, combing in a unique machine tool several functions – from punching the bending. S.I.M.A.S.V. also marked the way to produce the hydraulic notching machines: an example of this are the most significant SIMASV® patents for the automatic adjustment of the blades and of their clearance when cutting sheet metal and the invention of the universal variable angle shearing machine with the punch unit integrated. The SIMASV® hydraulic notching machines distinguish themselves for their incomparable accuracy and their great cutting capability; they are available in a wide range of models: with fixed or variable angle, with CNC control, equipped with a punching head. S.I.M.A.S.V. is also one of the most reputable manufacturers of CNC hydraulic punching machines, available in Multindex and Multitool version: the SIMASV® punching machines are known for the accuracy and the speed of tooling change, that occurs in only 4 sec. . The last born, the model F1S, combines the engineering of S.I.M.A.S.V with SIEMENS® technology with the issue of an incomparable product in the market. The range of machine tools manufactured by SIMASV® is completed by the solid hydraulic bending machines available with 2 or 3 rolls. The SIMASV® brand not only stands for experience, reliability and innovation through several patents, but it guarantees an exclusively Made in Italy product, built with the precision of the craftsmanship, meeting the needs of the market, based on the company social responsibility policy: this conduct is mainly recognizable in the ecological context, through the energy saving devices the SIMASV® machines are equipped with, and in the firm orientation to safety and quality of the operators’ work.


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