CNC Punching Machines

The SIMASV punching machines are produced in two series: the Taurus serie 7000 CNC, and the 1250 F1 CNC.

The punching power of our machines is 33 tons.

The working range and the depth of the socket are: Model 750 = 750x1000 mm with Y=750; Model 750 CNC Mono = 750x1500 mm with Y=750; Model 750 CNC Multi = 750x1520 mm with Y=750; Model 7000 CNC Mono = 1100x1500 mm with Y=1100; Model 7000 CNC Multi = 1100x1520 mm with Y=1100; Model 7000-X2 CNC Multi = 1100x2100 mm with Y=1100

The maximum thickness of the workable sheet is 6.4 mm mild steel and the maximum weight is 45 Kgs

Yes, our punching machines can reposition sheets so larger sheets can be worked on

The maximum punching capacity on the punching machines is: 7000 CNC Multi-tool = 450 blows/min.

In the single tool mode the maximum diameter is 88,9 mm with a Amada style tool.

In the multi-tool punching machine the maximum diameter of punching is 88.9 mm with D station type Amada; 16 mm with 6 station of tools type Simasv or 12 with Amada type.