ECO version of 7000 CNC Video Multitool model with axis Y 1100 mm. / X 1500 mm.

The qualifying characteristic of the Simasv punching machines is the frontal opening of the punch-holder head allowing the tools to be changed in only 4 seconds. This particular and exclusive technological innovation gets round the most common problems which occur with the traditional vertical loading system. The punch holder head holds Amada Station "D" type cartridges for a max. diameter of 88.9 mm.

The Multitool device can be supplied in the following versions with different capability:
Type D Station Multitool 10/18 fit to mount 10toolsup to a max. Ø of 18 mm each
Type D Station Multitool 6/24 fit to mount 6 toolsup to a max.Ø of 24 mm each
Type D StationMultitool 4/32 fit to mount 4 toolsup to a max. Ø of 32 mm each

TAURUSpunching machine allows a perfect exchangeability between different tool brands such as Trumpf, Amada, Mate, Wilson ®, also combining matrixes and punches of different brandsfrom the above mentioned ones.

TAURUS SIMASV® punching machine can change from Multitool into One-punch mode thanks tothe originality of the innovative system designed by SIMASV, the "TREASY"adapter allowing to mountTrumpf® punchesup to max.Ø of 76.2 mm., thus ensuring the customer a complete flexibility and freedom in managing the equipment stock.

TAURUS Multitool punching machines boast a heavy and solid C-shaped structure in special electro-welded and stabilised steel, suitably beaded to support in loads in excess of all punching stresses. The axes are guided by double linear slides and double extremely high precision ball screws capable of impeding any flexion or misalignment even during the processing of sheet metal with dimensions greater than the workbench.

The CNC is mounted on the trailer-mounted control pulpit, a solution adopted in accordance with the UE standards on safety and the prevention of accidents at work. The operator can therefore manage and supervise all processing phases via the CN while staying at a certain safety distance from the machine itself.

The programming software features an advanced and user-friendly graphics interface, with personalised functions, a dedicated menu for data input, self-diagnostic functions with alarm visualisation and a complete teleassistance package for software updating and machine diagnosis.

simasv 1f 7000multi x15E img0
Number of stations1 & MT 10 max
Automatic lubrificationoptional
Clamps positioningmanual
Cooling systemautomatic aerated
Max. punching power300 kN
Automatic repositioning controlled by CNC10000 mm
Models - useful measures with MTX=1500 Y=1100 mt
(according to punching area without repositioning)
Riventing - marking 0,1 mm pitch450 stro./min