The variable angle notching machine LC series, with variable angle from 30° to 135°, boasts a robust C-shaped structure capable of supporting even sizeable loads. In fact it is one of the few on the market capable of cutting sheet metal up to a thickness of 10 mm, guaranteeing perfect cutting even on elevated thicknesses.

The mobile group is well guided and blade slack is adjusted mechanically via two pawls set at the front of the machine.

simasv lc1025
Workbench dimensions1020X800 mm
Blade length255 mm
Angle adjustment30-135°
Max. cutting thickness R42/mm²10 mm
Max. cutting thickness R60/mm²6 mm
Cycles per minute (for the total length of the blades)45
Goniometric squares with stop bar2
Set of blades for iron at 15°1
Set of blades for iron at 30°1
Side tool shelves2
Pair of mechanical hold-downs1
Mechanical hold-down for square2
Notching machine dimensions - Width1150 mm
Notching machine dimensions - Depth1450 mm
Notching machine dimensions - Height1500 mm
Weight1415 kg

Variable angles